Scorpion Alliance only employ's the most knowledgeable associates possible from our writers to our creative team. This means that every strategy will be created with marketing in mind and in turn will get better results. Scorpion Alliance increases customer traffic at a price our clients will be satisfied with. Scorpion Alliance guarantees on time and on Budget. Marketing at affordable prices

Email Marketing

Ask yourself this question: When was the last time a subscriber replied to one of your emails?
Ask Scorpion Alliance and we can give u factual numbers of answered emails.
If you are a small business, email needs to become the ultimate engagement vehicle, a true 2-way street.

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Video Pre Roll

Scorpion Alliances experience has shown that the right mixture of digital advertising can have extremely positive effects on any business. ’Scorpion Alliance has the newest weapon in the advertising arsenal.

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Direct Mail Marketing

Next to the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing stands direct mail, a reliable method that uses time tested practices to generate substantial results. A study done by the Direct Marketing Association found that the response rate for direct mail to an existing customer averages 3.4 percent, compared to 0.12 percent for email. When balanced with the right creative and optimal data, direct mail can deliver more than just a meaningful piece of mail; it can boomerang a powerful return on investment.

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